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Situation & Opportunity

A mall implemented a tiered reward program to attract and retain customers both at the mall level and to strengthen relationships with specific tenants / retailers. The different tiers of members were distinguished through point earning points rates and in-store benefits at participating shops. The process of earning and redemption for the members was performed via centralized terminals and a mobile application. For redemptions, vouchers were issued at the mall’s concierge. The operations of earning, redemption, claims and accounting within each retailers itself was semi-manual. The program appeared to result in rather low participation rate as well as engagement from retailers as well as customers. Furthermore constant irregularities in the claims of members complicated the communication with retailers even further. The desire was automating the earning, redemption as well as accounting / reconciliation process to refocus the existing marketing team from payment processing / monitoring to pro-active marketing campaigns management.

Constraints & Requirements
  • The potential imbalance between earning and redemptions created reservations for key brands to participate
  • The earning and redemption process for members appeared to be tedious for the retailers and created additional queues at the cashiers
  • The process attracted significant risks of fraud and opportunities to game the program
  • The retailers have largely heterogeneous (online and offline) systems as well as processes

  1. Implementation of Turnkey Payment & Clearing Platform as engine for account reconciliation
  2. Integration of 250 different POS hardware / software combinations (including offline or server based architectures) to one platform
  3. Training of retail staff and marketing / operations team to run the program
  4. Consultation on marketing opportunities and monitoring of irregular transactions

  1. Increase of earnings and redemptions by 360%
  2. Reduction of manual reconciliation team from 12 to 2
  3. Increase in retailers uptake of program by 54% in 12 months
  4. Increase of new customer sign-ups to program by 280% in 12 months
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