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Situation & Opportunity

A mall operator established a reward program that allowed members to earn and redeem points at different retailers. Members signed up for the program and gained access to a mobile application to manage their account. Each retailer had different earning and redemption rates as well as specific promotions which are advertised via the mobile application. Earning and redemptions could be done directly from the Point of Sales System or dedicated Mobile Payment Terminals.

Marketing campaigns are communicated via the mobile application and especially fire-sale programs appeared yielding reasonable results. On the other hand, all campaigns required manual validation of the earning and redemption rates as well as there was no link to an allocated marketing budget that has been determined for specific campaigns.

Constraints & Requirements
  • A pre-determined marketing budget was allocated to specific campaigns and campaigns should automatically stop when budget was depleted
  • Entirely automated conversion of points / values based on campaign specific earning and redemption rates
  • Full and direct integration at the point of sales to create immediate visibility of value to members
  • Design and process tiered campaigns to specific members that give different privileges to different segments or demographics

  1. Implementation of Loyalty & Campaign Management Platform as rule engine as processing solution
  2. Integration with payment processing and clearing solution as well as CRM system
  3. Integration and training of 300 retailers
  4. Training of marketing team and definition of launch campaigns
  5. Monitoring and optimization of launch campaigns

  1. Increase in campaign uptake by 470% within first 3 months
  2. Retailer Satisfaction Index increase by 23% within first year
  3. Member Feedback Survey improvement by 43%
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