Major Milestones of Turnkey Business Solutions in the last 20 years

History of Turnkey

Turnkey is a privately held company focussing on 4 core platforms for the Retail world. From the humble beginnings over the last 20 years almost all of the largest 200 retail brands are using our platforms to process the daily business.

Major Milestones

Milestone 1: Turnkey was founded in 1998 with a first R&D center in Canada.

Milestone 2 : By the year 2001 it established its first platform for the retail operations business with key customers in Hong Kong and Singapore. Growing the portfolio of customers the platform was extended with Mall Management features.

Milestone 3: An entirely new platform for Payment Processing & Clearing for non-financial currencies (e.g. points, vouchers) was developed with Chinese partners. Furthermore key components were integrated with existing Mall & Property Management features.

Milestone 4 : In 2006, a comprehensive suite in regards to Retail Analytics was released.

Milestone 5 : In 2009, satellite offices in Los Angeles and Philippines are set up.

Milestone 6 : In 2011 the Loyalty Management Platform is released running 170 retailer by the end of that year

Milestone 7 : The 4 platforms are further opened for Data Integration and functional extensions. An ecosystem of plug-ins and mobile applications started to develop.